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Welcome to Graphium

Graphium help you to walk in Google Street View using IA models to find elements learned. We use multi-agent to drive in a city with OSM geographic data, Keras models to find elements in images from Google Street View API.

Screenshot Swarm with 5 agents in Porto Alegre city

Screenshot Graffiti detected with a swarm execution in Porto Alegre city

Get Code

If you want to get the code or contribute, go to Graphium GitHub. After get code install in Ubuntu or MacOS. Go to "Installation" section after run.


If you want train and test models from Keras, try Kootstrap GitHub. You can try your own model, save the model at data/models/ and set the name on configs/oracle.json.

Project layout

Below we show the structure to dataset, applications and documentation

data/           # folder with all data generate by applications.
applications/   # applications suches crawler, analyzers etc
docs/           # documentation of Graphium
mkdocs/         # generator of docs